CD Viola Dolorosa on Sheva Contemporary label by Georg Hamann and Akari Komiya. Found widely online as CD, download and streaming.

Peter Seabourne Pietà - Georg Hamann and Akari Komiya on Sheva Contemporary label.Akari Komiya - piano, Georg Hamann - viola, Peter Seabourne - composer

Many reviews including BBC Music, Musical Opinion, Österreichisches Musikstiftung, The Strad etc...

"Peter Seabourne's Pietà, recently released by Sheva Contemporary, is a powerful work that casts a real spell over the listener revealing him to be a composer of immense emotional clout."
[Bruce Reader - The Classical Reviewer] full review here

"A finely wrought new addition to the viola repertoire"
[Carlos María Solare - The Strad] - full review here.

"Seabourne's expressive and accessible score chimes well with Britten's lyrical works, and the rich tonal palette of Hamann's playing is beautifully showcased in the demanding viola line."
[Kate Wakeling - BBC Music Magazine]

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