Threads is included on the CD DEDICATIONS by Alberto Bologni on Sheva Contemporary label. This is easily found online as CD, download or streaming.

30 second samples from Threads.

I. Nervoso
II. Berceuse
III. Shimmering - fragile - restrained
IV. Song in Olden Style
V. Vivo

REVIEWS (take your pick!..):

"Notable especially is "Threads" by Peter Seabourne. This, cast in the form of a suite it combines archaisms, influences from folk music and the great repertoire. An unsettled electricity winds through Seabourne, alla Britten, beneath the polished surface."
[Giorgio Moppi - La Repubblica]

"This strange yet wonderful disc introduces a new work by superb composer Peter Seabourne as well as six other new pieces by lesser-known writers.. Bologni shoots right out of the gate with the exciting and brilliant Threads, a five movement composition that exploits the full range of the instrument."
[Lynn Bayley - Art Music Lounge]

[...or this (cloth-ear), for the sake of completeness.]

"Threads carries over its five terse movements a level of agitated nervousness which, with few moments of respite can quickly pall. It's a work which revolves around a limited emotional core - anxiety, nervous energy, stress - and exhibits the more aggressive and pointed aspects of violin tone."
[Music Web International - Marc Rochester]