Old Man with Water Studies - title for a movement from Seabourne Steps Volume 2: Studies of Invention

Steps Volume 2 - Studies of Invention - piano solo - 2007
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Flying Machines evokes the products of Leonardo's obsession with birds and flight, and is full of surging, exuberant broken chords.
Sixty Beggars refers to a stipulation in Leonardo's will that his funeral cortège should include these among it. Mordents and rather smudged harmonies prevail amidst funereal tones.
Old Man with Water Studies relates to a drawing of a seated old man, probably a self-portrait, and adjacent, unrelated sketches of rivers in motion (all available scraps of paper being used!). My piece tries to mix both ideas.
Study of a Woman's Hands is a graceful drawing (seen by the composer in Leeds, when on tour); so this is treated musically to a berceuse-like lilting.
The Kite of the Cradle is an almost ecstatic rhapsody. Leonardo talks of his early memory of a hawk landing on his cot (highly unlikely, and he was just a baby, but it is symbolic of his conception of his gift's origins perhaps).

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