Leonardo's birds descending - inspiration for a movement from Seabourne Steps Volume 2: Studies of Invention

Steps Volume 2 - Studies of Invention - piano solo - 2007-8
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The Existence of Nothingness stems from a philosphical analysis of what lies between past and future. My movement has an ambiguous, slightly unstable emotional quality.
The Impossibility of Perpetual Motion is a whirring but somewhat "lumpy" tarantella: Leonardo realised that motion was always ultimately constrained by friction.
Lenses for Looking at the Moon tries to create the half-glimpsed view of another plane of existence, newly available to astronomers of the time.
Study for a Deluge is a portrayal of power but of a rather noble kind, inspired by Leonardo's series of drawings on the forces of nature unleashed. The massiveness of the turbulence requires four staves!
This is the Way Birds Descend provides a fluttering, hovering, yet passionate reflection of Leonardo's lifelong obsession with flight and the study of nature's aviators. Like Beethoven's last sonata, it departs amid a sea of trills.

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