Steps Volume 7 - Dances on the Head of a Pin - mp3 and pdf score


save/print score of in pdf format (with colour title page - 91 pages)


Unperformed work, so just computer realisations (my apologies).

If the mp3s do not open automatically when you click, just right-click and select "Save Target As", or "Save Link As" etc. (depending on your browser), and save them to your computer.

1. Spanish Sun Dance
2. Sand Dance
3. Galumph
4. Musing Dance
5. Uncertain Steps
6. Doll's Dance
7. River Dance
8. Weaving Dance
9. Minuet, or even a Sarabande
10. Snake Dance
11. One False Step
12. Spiteful Dance
13. How Still the Dancer Lies
14. Dance of Death
15. Lollop
16. Un-Ravelling Dance
17. Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight!
18. Impatient Mazurka
19. Pas des Deux: L'Ancien et la Jeune Danseuse
20. First Attempts at a Pirhouette
21. The Lead Dancer Shows his Mettle
22. Three Legs
23. Pavan for a Revived Princess
24. Danse Françaix?
25. Bacchanalian Whirl
26. Slow Movement
27. The Amazing Dance of the Peacock Spider
28. Tread Softly...
29. Stamping Dance
30. Helter Skelter
31. Hop of Hope - with Harp
32. Carefully, Carefully! Slow Sword Dance
33. Snap Shot - Ecossaise
34. With How Sad Steps
35. Hobble
36. Unreel
37. Before a Tarantella
38. Tarantella

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