Steps Volume 8 - My Song in October - mp3 and pdf score


save/print score of in pdf format (with colour title page - 69 pages)


Unperformed work, so just computer realisations (my apologies).

1. Komorebi 
2. How beautifully it falls
3. At the fall of the leaf
4. When the leaves are flying
5. This leaf
6. When the rose is dead
7. The drifting leaf
8. One by one
9. On the wings of the breeze
10. The leaves are falling
11. Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!
12. As a dead leaf
13. The wind scatters the golden leaves!
14. Every breath
15. Listen...
16. After Autumn, Winter
17. The wind whispers in dry leaves
18. This sprig of heather
19. Who'll toll the bell?

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