Steps Volume 9 - Les Fleurs de la Maladie - mp3 and pdf score


save/print score of in pdf format (with colour title page - 106 pages)


Unperformed work, so just computer realisations (my apologies).

An Empty Bench - My Garden (1881)
Snowdrops (now is the globe shrunk tight)
Imagined Bouquet from Berthe Morisot
Helleborus Foetidus (hope in winter)
Imagined Bouquet from Suzanne Manet
Tulips (the flame)
Imagined Bouquet from Antonin Proust
Dandelions in flower and in seed (any way the wind blows)
Imagined Bouquet from Stéphane Mallarmé
Delphinium (nothing can restrain this heart)
Imagined Bouquet from Victorine Meurent
Lilies on a Windowsill (outside-in)
Imagined Bouquet from Charles Baudelaire
Rosa Glauca (departures)
Imagined Bouquet from Émmanuel Chabrier
Marigolds on a blue chair (last summer)
Imagined Bouquet from Méry Laurent
An Empty Chair - My Garden (2020)

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