Autumnal Dances - duo for clarinet and piano - 2006

duration 17 minutes

1 Semplice ~ 2 Lilting, questing ~ 3 Raucous ~ 4 Ghostly, ethereal - very slow

Written for Peter Glenville and Michael Bell, these four movements seemed to conjure elements of dance, but in predominantly autumnal colours. The first is song-like, opening with a gentle pulse but becoming more impassioned. The second has a listless, irregular beat pattern - searching almost obsessively for a sure direction amidst shifting two and three beat groups. The third is a raucous, heavy footed, "crowing" scherzo. The last uses consonant biphonics, but as harmony in two or three parts, never as "noise"- a ghostly, ethereal world alternating with a sort of flickering, reminiscing music. It is related to the Winter Afternoons song from my September, Just September song set.

Corrado Giuffredi and Giuseppe Fausto Modugno played two movements from this work in 2009, but the whole work had to wait until 2017 for a complete première by Peter Cigleris and Dominic John at St. Peter's Church, Notting Hill, London.

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