Wolfgang Wölfer Roth

I found myself within a forest dark
Marcelle Seabourne

Viola Concerto (2020)

dur. 30 minutes

I. Gently animated II. Murmuring III. Restless, moving forward

This work was requested by my Viennese friend Wolfgang Wölfer-Roth. Written during the later stages of my wife's final illness there is an elegiac quality to all three movements, though the mood is by no means unbroken.

The first movement presents and develops three main ideas: a wistful, transparent melody, a perkier "alla marcia" with bouncing rhythms, and a passionately rich song. The second movement, is a voluptuous evocation of a dark forest inspired by one of my wife's semi-abstract paintings. The third movement is predominantly searching, yearning - not a breezy finale. There are the disruptive intruders and Vienna must summon her musical heroes to repel an attack. The music then fades into the briefest of poignant waltzes.

The premiere and recording of this work are promised to Wolfgang Wölfer-Roth, but other players may perform it thereafter.



solo viola part

mp3s unperformed so computer realisations (apologies)

I. Gently animated
II. Murmuring
III. Restless, moving forward

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